Do you want to do business with Greenleaf Biotech ???



* Who is GREENLEAF ? *

☘ It is an international business originating from Asia.

☘It is over 23 years in business, and started operation in :

  1. Ghana, 
  2. Nigeria,
  3. Botswana,
  4. Zimbabwe,
  5. Namibia,
  6. Cameroon,
  7. Cote d’Ivoire,
  8. Zambia,
  9. Kenya,
  10. Senegal,
  11. South Africa and
  12. Some part of Europe and Asia.

Greenleaf is not in your country/ state , you can take it there and become a pioneer as , we are looking to expand . and I can help you with that.

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☑️ We work on a binary system, join business and refer 2 people or more.

The more the merrier.

* Do we have products in GREENLEAF ? *

☘ Yes we have over 4500 products.

☘ We have supplements, skin care ,toiletries ,baby products, household, fragrance, weight loss products, cosmetics products etc.

☘ Greenleaf expects you to :

👉🏿 Switch your daily brands of Toothpastes, Soaps, Sanitary Pads and Napkins, Oil free frying pan, Panty liners, Roll On, Mouth Freshener, Alkaline Cup, Body Spray ( Cockroach & Insects Killer ), Wine, Tea, Shoes, Shampoo, Supplements etc to the Greenleaf Brand. *How do I join the business and become a distributor?*.

☘ Choose an entry level and pick the PV products worth the entry PV and pay for the package you want.

* There are different Greenleaf Entry packages *  

  • *BRONZE : 55PV*
  • *SILVER: 110PV*
  • *GOLD : 165PV*
  • *PLATINUM: 275PV*
  • *DIAMOND : 825PV*
  • *CROWN: 1650PV*

* What do I get for introducing a new Distributor ? *

☘ You get pvs which are point systems that accumulate for you and move ranks within the business and you also earn profit pending on your package and that off the person you signed up.

* Do I have to sell to get paid ? *

☘ Selling is not compulsory, You will use the products with your family or sell them if you want pocket money but I recommend you do , because there is profit in selling too.

* What do I do after Signing up ? *

☑️ Introduce more people as Distributors , or at least 2 Distributors and teach them to do the same, .

* What if I recruit more than Distributors ? *

☘️ You will register only 2 Distributors under you and remaining Distributors , you l decide where to place them under your downliners (Distributors) . So that you help your people to earn because when they earn you also earn (There’s no selfishness in GREENLEAF)

☘️ You also get pvs when your downliners joins under you. What they get you also get it.

* When do I get paid ? *

☘️ You will get paid immediately with vouchers from the day you join Greenleaf, if only you refer at least 2 active people under you start earning daily.

☘️ You will get paid every daily once your team is active and they keep on recruiting.

* What do I get except daily bonus ? *

  • ☘You will get points(PV).
  • ☘You will qualify incentives through the points you have.
  • ☘You will not forfeit your points. *Bonuses in Greenleaf*
  • ☘Team building bonus- Based on quantities and the entry level your team choose for joining. Paid daily when new members join.
  • ☘Maintenance Bonus-Based on team maintenance, its paid monthly.
  • ☘Sales Balance Bonus- Based on two group of legs. You just need to balance people on different legs. It’s a pairing bonus on number of people. No bonus ceiling.
  • ☘Group Grow Bonus- Based on any entry package above.

You are paid in Percentage based on the number of PV generated on your weak leg :

  • *Bronze : 5%*
  • *Silver: 6%*
  • *Gold: 7%*
  • *Platinum: 8%*
  • *Diamond: 9%*
  • *Crown package: 10%*

When your team grows you will benefit a lot from this bonus. 

☘ Personal retail Bonus- You are paid 10% of your personal retail bonus ☘Leadership Bonus-Bonus achieved when you help your team to grow. Paid monthly and its unlimited.

* Do we have incentives ? *

  • 🌲 Yes ✈✈International.
  • 🌲 3 free international trips per year.
  • 🌲 🚙🚙 Car incentive
  • 🌲 paid directly in to your account
  • 🌲 🚗 Car incentive
  • 🌲 🏘housing incentives
  • 🌲 And Many more

*14 Rankings, starting with the lowest *

  1. VIP Distributorship
  2. Pre -Supervisor Distributorship
  3. Supervisor Distributorship
  4. Sales Pre-Manager Distributorship-
  5. Sales Manager Senior
  6. Sales Manager
  7. Sales Director Distributorship
  8. Senior Sales Director Distributorship
  9. One Star Director Distributorship
  10. Two Star Director Distributorship
  11. Three Star Director Distributorship
  12. Four Star Director Distributorship
  13. Five Star Directorship
  14. Six Star Directorship

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Je suis, Gaston Blaise Ngamako Tcheuko, originaire de l'Ouest Cameroun. Laïc, je m'exprime mieux en ces termes ! Ma vision pour ce blog était de donner une autre façon de voir et de s'imaginer entant que Africain : un espace ouvert aux jeunes passionnés, pour les accompagner et faire d'eux des adultes autonomes et responsables. GBNTgroup Services n'est rien d'autre que : ( Génération Brillante du Noirs du Triangle ). Une vision nouvelle qui marque la différence ! Ensemble, nous construisons l'avenir et bâtissons une jeunesse Forte et Dynamique pour sa Patrie, tout en accompagnant le jeune dans son environnement propre à lui pour lui permettre de mieux s'épanouir et susciter en lui l'envie d'entreprendre par lui-même. * NOS VALEURS : _ Créativité. _ Engagement. _ Confiance. _ Intégrité. Sous ces quatre valeurs, nous bâtissons une jeunesse forte et équilibrée.

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