Your life. Your pace. Your wellbeing.

Your life. Your pace. Your wellbeing.

Just as everyone has their own individual requirements that change according to their circumstances, LR LIFETAKT has the right solution for every stage of life to support you with your nutritional supplements.

Basic solution: LR LIFETAKT provides you with monthly sets containing an essential scientific combination of products for the different requirements of each stage of your life. They provide you with the essentials at all times.

Individual add-on products: LR LIFETAKT also offers supplementary products for your individual preferences and requirements.

Expert tips: As an all-round concept, LR LIFETAKT supports you with valuable suggestions by our nutritional expert Dr Werchan regarding nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.YOUTHFUL BEAUTY

True Beauty

You want youthful beauty from head to toe – no matter what age? With True Beauty all 5 beauty wishes come true: youthful appearance, clear skin, firm body, strong hair, strong nails.Learn moreNUTRIENT SUPPLY

Daily Essentials

Don’t always have time for a balanced and varied diet? Daily Essentials always provide you and your family with essential nutrition.Learn morePERFORMANCE

Mental Power

Wanting to always remain efficient, including when faced with day-to-day challenges? Whether in your challenging job, hectic family life, or active leisure time – Mental Power also provides you with the right support in stressful situations.Learn moreVITALITY

Vital Care

Still plenty to do and not wanting to miss out? Vital Care provides you with the support needed by your body to remain vital and healthy when wanting to put your plans into action.Learn moreSUPPORT

Seasonal Support

Often with others or outside in the wind and rain? Enjoy each season to the full and let Seasonal Support provide you with the help your body needs to brave the wind and rain.Learn moreSTEP BY STEP

Body Mission

Wanting to look more attractive and feel good in your body? Body Mission helps you achieve your desired figure and supports you in reaching your goals.Learn moreFREEDOM OF MOVEMENT

Pro Activity

Wanting your body to keep up with your day-to-day requirements? Pro Activity helps you keep on the move and cope effortlessly with day-to-day life. This allows you to keep on the move as long as possible.Learn moreNATURAL RECOVERY

Night Essentials

Do you often fall asleep badly, have problems sleeping through or feel completely exhausted and tired the next morning? LR LIFETAKT Night Essentials with the sleep potion Night Master provides a long-term restful, regenerative sleep.Learn moreENERGY KICK

Mind Master Extreme

Mind Master Extreme is the quick energy boost for mental and physical Performance and protects your cells from oxidative stress in convenient to-go format.Learn more

What does quality of life mean to you?

Is there a formula for happiness? Health comes first for most people – feeling well in body, and being fit and full of energy. This is the main requirement for enjoying all aspects of life to the full. Health is quality of life!

Your personal partner for enhancing your quality of life every day

Six expert solutions for completely different requirements – something for each individual stage of life. Whether a little time for healthy eating during an exhausting day-to-day schedule, stress at work or college, particular challenges as of mid-life, or just a few too many kilos on the scales… LR LIFETAKT lets us take charge of your health.

Scientifically proven quality & effectiveness

Inspired by nature and combined with the latest findings from research and science – the highly effective formula for success for unique LR LIFETAKT products. The consistently high quality is confirmed by renowned institutes such as the SGS Institut Fresenius with the Aloe Vera Drinking Gels.

Integrated health management

LR LIFETAKT offers integrated solutions beyond merely supplementing nutrition. Our nutritional expert Dr Sven Werchan supports you with scientifically based expert tips from practice about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. This sets the pace for your life.

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Je suis, Gaston Blaise Ngamako Tcheuko, originaire de l'Ouest Cameroun. Laïc, je m'exprime mieux en ces termes ! Ma vision pour ce blog était de donner une autre façon de voir et de s'imaginer entant que Africain : un espace ouvert aux jeunes passionnés, pour les accompagner et faire d'eux des adultes autonomes et responsables. GBNTgroup Services n'est rien d'autre que : ( Génération Brillante du Noirs du Triangle ). Une vision nouvelle qui marque la différence ! Ensemble, nous construisons l'avenir et bâtissons une jeunesse Forte et Dynamique pour sa Patrie, tout en accompagnant le jeune dans son environnement propre à lui pour lui permettre de mieux s'épanouir et susciter en lui l'envie d'entreprendre par lui-même. * NOS VALEURS : _ Créativité. _ Engagement. _ Confiance. _ Intégrité. Sous ces quatre valeurs, nous bâtissons une jeunesse forte et équilibrée.

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